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Xbox to Melt Chinese Brains!

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Yes, Xbox will be melting Chinese brains. In 2000 China banned video game consoles that weren’t made by Chinese companies because there was an outcry of Chinese parents with concerns that these gaming consoles were melting (yes, I said melting) their children’s brains. At least this was the main reason China gave for the ban stating that the gaming consoles were affecting the productivity and mental well being of their children.


Now a little over 14 years later the ban was lifted after Microsoft had invested $240 Billion dollars in a joint venture with BesTV, a Chinese technology company. So it looks like melting their children’s  brains is a small price to pay to get a huge amount of money invested in a Chinese technology company from a foreign investor. Microsoft see’s this as a big opportunity since there are an estimated ½ Billion gamers and China is also the largest market for consumer electronics. This big opportunity for Microsoft’s Xbox might be just the boost it needs to help it catch up or even surpass the Sony Playstation in sales.

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This new market might be just what Microsoft needs to help the struggling Xbox division get back in good with their investors. There are rumors that Microsoft might be willing to sell off their Xbox division but if this new market can turn the Xbox division around then they might just want to keep it around for a while. After all, they can still keep melting our brain’s with their gaming systems, us westerners don’t seem to mind a little brain melting.



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