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WOW, What a 10!

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Well if you have never seen a “10” before you will later this year. What I am talking about is that Microsoft has decided to call the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS), Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. This has many people around wondering why, especially since Microsoft is avoiding the question of “Why are you calling the next version of Windows, Windows 10 and not Windows 9?”. It has been asked more times than Microsoft can probably count but to tell you the truth, Who cares?. As long as it’s a great operating system, does it really matter what Microsoft decides to call it? My answer is NO!


They has been much hype going around as many people are eager to see what Microsoft will be producing as far as the newest version of their famous operating system, Windows. There are rumors of just about anything you can think of. What really matters are not the rumors of what the new version of Windows will be, but what they new upcoming Windows operating system can do as well as how well it does it.

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One rumor that seems to be getting around the internet is that Microsoft skipped the number 9, not calling their next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system “Windows 9” because the number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan. Microsoft is big in Japan so it is thought that Microsoft chose to call their new upcoming version of Windows, Windows 10 instead of 9 so that their won’t be any bad sentiment towards Microsoft or their Windows operating system. This makes me wonder if they will skip a Microsoft Windows 13 and go straight to Windows 14 due to it also being an unlucky number for many societies? That is if Microsoft sticks to a number after their Windows operating systems name. Maybe they will go with a trendy name like they did with Windows Vista. How about Microsoft Windows Guru, or Microsoft Windows Ninja???


The last couple of years Microsoft has come under some heat for not producing the higher quality operating systems it is capable of. Microsoft has set it sights on hushing their critics with what they are calling Microsoft Windows 10. Will Microsoft be able to step up and produce what most people feel they can and should produce? Time will tell and later this year we will all have to find out for ourselves if Microsoft Windows 10 will make you feel all warm and toasty about Microsoft’s most well known product, the Windows operating system.


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