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Walmart wants your video games !

Big Stack of Used Video Games

Yes you read that right, Walmart wants your video games. I’m talking about your used video games that is. On the 26th of March 2014 Walmart began buying used video games. They are hoping to bring in enough used video games to have a so called “Game Bazaar” in all of it’s stores by year’s end.

They are hoping to catch their share of the ever growing used electronics market and especially the used video game market. Used video game sales in the U.S. topped $1.6 billion dollars last year, up 3% from the prior year according to industry research group NPD. They will likely grow even more this year due to the long awaited arrival of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

Stack of Used Video Games 150px - NO INFThese new game systems have many gamer’s shelling out their cash for the newest and hottest games for these two new game systems as well as all the needed gear for them. This leaves a lot of the older games laying around or stored somewhere and not being used. Walmart is hoping people will bring their unwanted older games to their local Walmart store and sell them to them and then turn around and buy new video games in their store. One thing many gamers might have a problem with is that Walmart does not pay out cash for these used games but rather with Walmart gift cards. The good news is you can use them to buy anything in their stores. I would still rather have the cash myself.

Since Walmart’s announcement GameStop’s stock dropped 1.5% shortly after. We will have to see if video gamer’s want more of a dedicated video game store like GameStop or if they want to be able to buy their video games at the same place they can get their milk or Levi’s. Time will tell all, I am sure.



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