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Virtually Poked!


Most everyone out there on the internet knows what a poke on Facebook is. It’s a way of getting the attention or saying hello to another Facebook member. Well, in the not so distant future Facebook will be introducing some virtual reality (VR) apps that users would be able to use by way of a virtual reality headset, so a virtual reality “Poke” might just be a Facebook feature in the not so distant future.


Chris Cox who is the Facebook chief product officer and the chief of staff to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that they are currently developing some virtual reality apps. Users who own or have access to a virtual reality headset will be able to use these virtual reality apps to experience Facebook in a completely new way. Although Chris Cox didn’t let out any information on exactly what these virtual reality apps are and what their capabilities will be, he does say they are going to be awesome. When Cox was asked if the users of Facebook will be able to create their own virtual reality content, Cox replied saying “Totally. You’ll do it. Beyonce will do it”. This sounds exciting for Facebook users if it works out as Facebook plans.


The Facebook hierarchy believes that virtual reality is the future of the internet and Facebook wants to be a big part of that and get in on the virtual reality experience to give Facebook users an exciting new way to experience Facebook. Last April eGeek Universe brought you an article titled “Got Eye Candy ?” in which we reported that Facebook had just bought the virtual reality company, Oculus VR and spending $2 Billion dollars to do so. Spending that kind of money shows just how serious Facebook is about getting into the virtual reality internet experience early so they can stay on top of the social media world.


Oculus VR has not yet released a virtual reality headset into the retail market but it has released a developer’s virtual reality kit that cost $350. If the price doesn’t come down many Facebook users will either not be able to afford that luxury or simply not want to spend that much money just to have access to virtual reality features on their Facebook account.

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If Oculus VR and Facebook can get that $350 price tag for their virtual reality headset down to a more reasonable price then more Facebook users will be able to afford the virtual reality luxury. If they are able to get that price tag down then Facebook user might just be able to poke other Facebook users, virtually!


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