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Video Game Cash!

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Christmas is now in the rear view mirror and hopefully all you eGeeks out there got some great eGeek toys (electronics) as gifts to help ring in the upcoming new year. This year has marked Christmas again as the year to give and to receive the hottest new electronic devices that are out on the market. Maybe you received a sweet new laptop you needed, that new Apple iPad Air 2 you have had an eye on, a new Sony Playstation 4 or one of many other hot electronic devices that you have been wanting and hoping for. OR, maybe someone gave you what they thought was a cool new video game that turns out isn’t so cool in your eyes or maybe you already have it.

Either way, if you received a new video game that just isn’t something you want, there is always a little hope to add to your electronic goodies collection by selling your new unwanted (or also older unwanted) video games and getting some cash that you can put to a good use. Now, if you are looking to sell your unwanted video games to raise some cash to acquire more fun eGeek toys you will have a few options to consider, depending on what you would like to get out of it as well as how fast you want to sell it.

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First off, a real good choice to off your unwanted video games is eBay.com. eBay is a good choice for those who aren’t in a real big hurry to sell off their games and are looking at maybe getting more money for them. On eBay you can look up what the games prices are that they are currently listed for sale at, or even see what they have been selling for lately and set yourself a fair fixed price based on that information and wait till someone makes a buy from you. On the other hand you can start an auction on eBay and hope for a bidding war between interested people that will drive your selling price up so that you might pocket a higher amount of cash for your video game or games. Just a pointer though, if you use eBay’s auction format be sure to start you’re your auction at an optimal time to fetch the best price. On eBay, whatever time you start your auction is the exact time your auction will and so don’t start an auction at a bag time, like in the middle of the early morning.

Selling online can be great for getting the maximum amount of cash for your unwanted video games but if you are wanting to get your hands on some cash for them quicker then your best option is to sell your video games to a local store that buys unwanted video games. This option usually will not fetch as much cash as selling the games online but if you want the cash as fast as possible this is the option for you to go for.

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There are several stores that you can sell your unused or unwanted video games to. There is always GameStop, a video gamer’s paradise store. There are the big retailers, Walmart and Target who can be a nice choice if you are going to one of their stores anyway and you are looking to save time and get two things done at the same place. Then there is also Best Buy, a great store that any eGeek can spend hours looking around in checking out and playing with all the hot new electronic gadgets. This is personally a favorite of mine because it gives me a reason to go and see all the newest eGeek toys and check them out to see what I might be in the market for next. LOL

So, now that Christmas is behind us and if some of you eGeeks out there have unused or unwanted video games that you have no use for, you have some options available to you for turning those video games into cash easily for your next electronic gadget that you just didn’t receive for Christmas. If you did get everything that you wanted for Christmas then you can always sell them to get some cash to sock away for later down the road or just to help another eGeek out to get what he or she didn’t get under their Christmas tree.



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