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Yes Charms can be UnLucky and by that I mean the “Charms Bar” in the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System (OS). According to the latest rumors said to have leaked out of Microsoft, the infamous Charms Bar will not be back in the new version of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 9  which is said to be released the first half of 2015.

According to the latest so-called “Leaks” around the internet, the no so loved Charms Bar is just one thing Microsoft will be doing to help bring some favor back to the Windows Operating System lost in part due to many users dislike of the Charms Bar. It is also rumored that the new upcoming Microsoft Windows 9 Operating System will have Virtual Desktops, a feature many have been waiting for.

Although the charm bar is rumored to have been removed from the desktop on the upcoming Windows 9 release, it is unclear if the Charms Bar is going to be removed from the Metro interface as well. Many keyboard and mouse users of the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System want the Charms Bar gone all together but I guess we will have to see if Microsoft will do just that.

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Along with the removal of the Charms Bar form the Windows Desktop (and maybe all together) Microsoft Windows 9 will apparently support the much anticipated feature of Virtual Desktops. All though this feature will be new to the Microsoft Windows Operating System, it has been a feature in the operating system by Apple Inc., OS X for years. The addition of the Virtual Desktop feature to the Microsoft Windows Operating System is not exactly an awesome feature that will by itself bring the Microsoft’s Windows Operating System back to it’s glory of days past, but it does show that Microsoft is getting serious about winning back the support of many of it’s lost desktop users.

In the coming months we will hear more and more rumors about what key features Microsoft will be including in the upcoming Microsoft Windows 9 Operating System release and some of these features will be widely talked about while other might slip under the radar. This upcoming operating system will definitely show many improvements for sure, but will it be enough to bring back the Mojo that the Microsoft Windows Operating System once had? Probably not or at least not all with just a single new operating system. This does however show that Microsoft does want to win back many of their lost supporters by listening to what their users want and doing something about giving them what they are asking for.



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