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Tips To Help Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

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This time of year people start spending more of their hard earned money than most of the year. That has to do with spending money for Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas gift buying, heating costs for your home due to the weather getting colder and many other things that come to be this time of year. Keeping in mind that there is more money spent this time of year, it is a good idea to help be a little more conscious of your spending. One great way to save a few dollars here and there is to cut your (or your family) cell phone bill. eGeek Universe has a few tips to help you do just that.

First off, a good way to save some money on your cell phone bill is to limit your in-app purchases (extra bubble’s for Bubble Witch, etc.) as well as to put off buying apps that you can do without (or at least for now). One way to help cut down on in-app purchases is to go into your account settings for your Android Phone, iPhone or any other phone and set your purchases up to require a password fro each and every purchase. This will help you to remember that you are trying to save money since you have to enter your password each time you try to make a purchase.

Second, if your cellular carrier and your calling plan have the option to use Wi-Fi calling make sure you have your phone set up to use wi-fi calling as the first option and then use your cellular minutes as a second choice. If you have a calling plan with unlimited minutes then this is something you won’t need to do, but for those who have a limited amount of minutes to use up before you have to pay extra for those minutes beyond the included minutes in your calling plan this can be a nice way to save a little extra cash.

Last but surely not least, make sure that you are using a calling plan that is optimal for your particular cellular needs. Make sure that the amount of data you use as well as talking minutes coincides with your particular cell phone carrier’s best option given what you use for those two things. Sometimes people don’t realize that when they are always exceeding their allowed data and minutes every month and paying all that extra cash each month that they can save money by changing calling plans. Most cellular service providers will let you change your plan to a higher limits plan without any kind of charge for changing your monthly plan. Some cellular providers will even let you switch to a lower priced plan without a charge. The important thing is to make sure you are on the best plan that your cellular service provider has that closest matches what your monthly needs are.

Making conscious decisions about keeping track of your cellular costs and you cell bill is a great way that you can save some money every month. Also for those who have family cellular plans, make sure to make everyone who is using your family plan is also making an effort to help lower the cost that is paid out each month for your cellular bill. Use these tips and you can save some nice cash each month. The extra cash can come in handy when you are trying to decide what eGeek toy you want to buy yourself for Christmas!



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