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The Apple Watch, Good or Bad?

Apple Watch, Good or Bad?

The Apple Watch (a smartwatch) has been out for a little while now, and many people have already written it off as a failed Apple product that just won’t catch on and stick around. Is that the case? Well, maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not true. Will the Apple Watch be around and improve it’s functions, capabilities and acceptance? That’s a good question.


Although the Apple Watch has been seen by many as a failure due to many different things, one being it’s poor battery life which hurts it’s real world use and acceptance, the whole story just isn’t being seen by most people who are believers in this assumption.


In a quote by Josh Miller from CNET, he stated “The Apple Watch has been quicker off the blocks than the original iPhone and iPad. Also, according to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, “The Apple Watch is off to a better start than the original iPhone and iPad.” What these people are talking about is that the Apple Watch has exceeded the unit sales of the first iPhone and iPad in their comparable launch periods.

Apple Watch

Tim Cook also stated that the Apple Watch has seen it’s highest sales numbers, just last month. Apple hasn’t released any official sales numbers for the Apple Watch, which has added fuel to the fire that Apple’s smartwatch offering isn’t doing so well. Apple feels that the number of sales for the Apple Watch are very good, especially when you consider that the smartwatch market is still a new technology market.


Many people feel that the Apple Watch is just going to wind up being a failed product from Apple that just won’t catch on well enough for Apple to continue to keep producing their smartwatch offering. While these statements might well be true, it’s just too early to know for sure if that will be the case for the Apple Watch. So before we write off this smartwatch from Apple, let’s just give it some time to see if enough improvements and new features can be implemented to give the Apple Watch a bright future with lots of potential.


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