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Nobody “Beats” Apple!

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Yes that’s right, Nobody “Beats” Apple and by that I mean nobody has the “Beats” but Apple. Apple Inc. has just acquired ‘Beats Electronics’ for the sum of $3 Billion dollars US. Apple is hoping this acquisition will help boost their sagging iTunes sales. This huge acquisition might just do that and more.

Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs (one of Apple Inc.’s co-founders), Apple has been trying to get it’s mojo back. Steve Jobs knew how to market Apple’s products and give consumers what they were looking for. Now since his passing Apple has seemed like they have been floundering and trying to get back on top of the music sales market and be the center of the digital music universe.

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One of the main reasons Apple paid $3 Billion dollars for Beats Electronics is for the name. Other reasons include the fact that Apple wants the Beats “Coolness Factor” to help boost their sales as well as access to the Beats Music Service. This is a big acquisition for Apple who now have grown their digital music business and this will help them to regain their mojo.

The latest trends in consumer electronics are the many different accessories and the styling of those accessories that go along with these many electronic gadgets that all us “eGeeks” need in our lives. The fashion and design incorporated into consumer electronics plays a very big role in the sales these electronic devices achieve. If it sounds good and looks good then it sales good!

In the coming months and years we will have to see if this big $3 Billion dollar investment pays off for Apple and it’s shareholders. That was a lot of money that Apple spent to acquire Beats but it might just help them regain all their recently lost Mojo!



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