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Thats right, there will be NO MORE GOOGLE! At least in the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone smartphones. Microsoft has decided to remove the ability to set Google as the default search engine in the new Lumia Windows Phone smartphones.

The first Nokia Lumia Windows Phone based smartphones to be released under the control of Microsoft are the Nokia Lumia 630 and the Nokia Lumia 930. These phones will be shipped without the ability to set Google as the default search engine used in their browser. With previous Nokia Lumia Windows Phone based samrtphones the user had the option to choose Google as the default search engine when a search term was entered into the browsers address bar. That option is gone with these new Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

It seems that Microsoft is making a statement that they want Google out of their phones. This is a different approach than the Google Android smartphones which have the option of choosing the search engine that is used for searches. With the Google Android based smartphones you can choose from Ask, Bing, Yahoo or Google itself in their Chrome Browser. Apple iPhone user have the choice of Bing, Google or Yahoo as their default search engine used in their Safari for iOS browser.

Microsoft is surely trying to squeeze Google out of their smartphones. Will Google respond by removing Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo search engines as an option from their Google Android based smartphones? We will have to wait and see. Things are surely getting heated up between these two tech giants though!



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