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Venice Blackberry Slider Coming Soon !


Blackberry is making an all out effort to regain some of it’s past glory and popularity with their upcoming Google Android based slider smartphone. The new Blackberry is going by the rumored code name, Venice. Blackberry is rumored to have their new Android based smartphone with a slide out fill keyboard, a feature that Blackberry is known for… READ MORE!


Call me SPARTAN !

Spartan Helmet MICROSOFT COLORS I did 150px PNG 2 Clear BG Vector - NO INF

There is a new web browser coming out soon from Microsoft and it is code-named “Spartan”! This new web browser from Microsoft is due to be released with the upcoming release of the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS) a few months later this year. Will this new web browser by Microsoft replace their famous Internet Explorer (IE) in both build, function and name, or will it just be the newest installment of Internet Explorer?…READ MORE!

WOW, What a 10 !

Windows 10 Anime Girl Complete- PNG 150px Wide - NO INF

Well if you have never seen a “10” before you will later this year. What I am talking about is that Microsoft has decided to call the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS), Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. This has many people around wondering why, especially since Microsoft is avoiding the question of “Why are you calling the next version of Windows, Windows 10 and not Windows 9?”….READ MORE!

Do You Dislike Facebook ?

Dislike Button CC-G 150px WIDE - NO INF

Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Along with being such a big and very popular social media website there are bound to be people who “Dislike” Facebook. Before you guys start thinking that this is an article to bash Facebook I want to let you know that this article is in fact, not a Facebook bashing article. What I am talking about is the rumor that is showing up all over the internet that Facebook is going to introduce a Dislike button to go along side their famous Like button….READ MORE!

An Apple Full of Bugs !

Apple-Bug-CC-G-150x150 - NO INF

Yes, you read that right, there is an Apple full of bugs! By that I mean the Apple iOS 8, Apple Inc’s latest release of their operating system. The iOS operating system that was recently released with the Apple iPhone 6 has had many reports around the internet as having many bugs plaguing the new operating system. This is not the first time Apple’s initial release of their iOS operating system has had bug issues reported but this latest release of the iOS 8 operating system has been reported as having more bugs than any previous version of the popular operating system….READ MORE!

Saving FACEbook!

Facebook Icon CC-G 150px - NO INF

It the wake of an enormous backlash of user outcry and complaints, Facebook recently apologized to it’s users for conducting emotional experiments on it’s users. Now Facebook is trying to save face and announced new guidelines for their experiment conducting on it’s users. So, now as long as there are “New Guidelines” it’s OK to do emotional testing on your loyal users?….READ MORE!

Apple iPhone 6 has the bends!

iPhone 6 bent 150px - NI INF

You read that right, the Apple iPhone 6 has a case of the bends. Meaning that apparently the Apple iPhone 6, especially the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a design flaw in having a weak structure causing these new Apple iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) to bend easily.

Reports have started to surface around the internet that users of the new Apple iPhone 6 models are experiencing their iPhone bending easily from normal use and storage, especially when being kept in a users pocket for hours….READ MORE!

Amazon has a $1 Billion Twitch!

Twitch Logo 150px CC-G - NO INF

Yes Amazon has a Twitch and by that I mean they have just agreed to buy the online video game platform and community for video gamers, twitch.tv. Amazon is showing that they are serious about getting into the content game. Amazon is looking to expand it’s reach beyond e-commerce and get into the rapidly growing market of streaming services.

The price Amazon has agreed to pay for Twitch, the online video and gaming platform is $970 Million dollars with a possible $100 Million dollars more if certain performance goals are reached….READ MORE!

A Phone To Die For!

Stay-Alive-CC-G-150px TALL - NO INF

Every eGeek loves their smartphone and we use it for many things, not just communication. As our smartphones are getting smarter and more and more things are able to be done with them, they are becoming an ever increasing part of our lives as well as an extension of our lives. With all that our smartphones are capable of and taking the cost of the device itself into consideration, there is something you need to ask yourself. Is my phone worth dying for?…READ MORE!

Nobody “Beats” Apple!

Apple-Symbol-CC-G-105px-TALL - NO INF

Yes that’s right, Nobody “Beats” Apple and by that I mean nobody has the “Beats” but Apple. Apple Inc. has just acquired ‘Beats Electronics’ for the sum of $3 Billion dollars US. Apple is hoping this acquisition will help boost their sagging iTunes sales. This huge acquisition might just do that and more….READ MORE!

Xbox to Melt Chinese Brains!

Melting-Brain-150x150 - NO INF

Yes, Xbox will be melting Chinese brains. In 2000 China banned video game consoles that weren’t made by Chinese companies because there was an outcry of Chinese parents with concerns that these gaming consoles were melting (yes, I said melting) their children’s brains. At least this was the main reason China gave for the ban stating that the gaming consoles were affecting the productivity and mental well being of their children….READ MORE!

Kill-Bill is Dead !

Uma Thurman CC-G 150px WIDE - NO INF

The California Kill-Bill Switch, I mean the Kill-Switch Bill (I’m easily confused. LOL) is officially dead. In the California state Senate the smartphone Kill-Switch bill as it’s known (mobile kill-switch bill) has been voted down.

The bill would have required all smartphones sold in California to have a remote kill feature (designed to render the stolen smartphone useless) which is intended to cut down on stolen smartphones. If the new bill would have passed it would require all cell phone service carriers to sell only kill-switch enabled smartphones and the carriers would have been fined a steep $2500 fine for every smartphone they sold without this feature….READ MORE!

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