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“Like” being Stalked?

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Well if you answer yes to that question then you will “Like” the new Facebook mobile feature called “Nearby Friends”. Facebook has made it a lot easier to have your friends stalk you (If you like that kind of thing.) with this new feature in their Facebook mobile apps.


Facebook mobile’s newest feature called “Nearby Friends” let’s your friends track you everywhere you go in real time. Their idea for this feature is to make it easier to know where nearby friends are so that you can meet up in person to enjoy a conversation instead of just doing it online through your PC or on your smartphone.


The good thing about this new feature is that you can choose not to opt-in and have them (Your Friends) know your every move. You must opt-in through your settings to enable this feature. If you do choose to enable this feature you can choose to let all of your Facebook friends know your location, just your close friends or you can have a customized list of friends you share your location with. This feature will only work on Facebook’s iOS and Android Apps for now and only in select locations at first. If this becomes a popular feature we can expect the locations this feature will be available to grow quickly.


Facebook Like CC-G - NO INFI don’t know about any of you but I am not sure how much I “Like” letting a list of “Friends” from the internet know when I am out having a pizza or scoping out some new eGeek toys at a local electronics store. I guess I am just a bit concerned about having people know where I am at just by logging into Facebook. Some things might just be better to do online. Do you really want to find out what all your friends look like in person? Since Facebook wants us to do some things in person in stead of always doing them online maybe they can set up a real life and played in person Angry Birds game. Now that I would surely “Like”!



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