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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Facebook !

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Though Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook doesn’t wear a cape (or at least not in public), he wants to be the “Super-Man” who brings the internet to millions of people around the world who presently don’t have it. A couple of days after spending $2 billion dollars to buy a VR (Virtual Reality) company (see “Got Eye Candy?”) he announced his Connectivity Lab campaign (internet.org). This project is planning to use new communications and aerospace technologies to extend and improve internet access to millions of people world wide.


In order to make this happen Connectivity Lab is experimenting into using high-altitude drones (UAV’s – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Yes, those things the government uses to hunt for terrorists and other bad guys. Some of their key research into this controversial use of drones is focused on making this a safe endeavor.


Here are a couple of their key goals they want to achieve with the drones:


  1. Fly as close to the ground as possible to increase signal strength.
  2. Fly outside of regulated airspace for safety and rapid deployment.
  3. Be able to have precise control of these aircraft.

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This project has high goals so time will tell if they are able to reach those goals. Bringing the internet to millions more people can mean growth of information and technology which is good for all us “eGeeks”. I am just not too sure how I would feel knowing there are drones flying overhead to supposedly beam down high power signals just to make sure I have internet access. The same technology used to fire Hellfire Missiles is now an ISP (Internet Service Provider)? I don’t think these will be armed drones though. LOL  Maybe you better just “Like” them on Facebook just to be safe though.

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