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How I became an “eGeek”!

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Throughout most of my life I have thought of and considered myself what I had called an “eGeek”. An eGeek being what I thought of as someone who loves electronic devices and thinks they are the modern wonders of the world. I first used the term to call myself that back in 1983 when I was a freshman in high school. I used to bring an early electronic hand held game (I had 2 different ones) to school and play it between classes, at lunch, before school started and so on. I also had a digital Pac-Man watch I wore that you could play a very crude version of Pac-Man on.

There were a couple of fellow students that used to refer to me as a “Geek” because I loved my electronic gadgets. One day I had gotten tired of being called a geek, which was not a wanted label and when a fellow student called me a “Geek” I replied back saying “I am NOT a Geek, I am an eGeek!”. He asked what an eGeek was and I told him that an eGeek is just someone who loves electronics. He said there was no difference to him between a “Geek” and what I had referred to myself as, an “eGeek”. I told him there was a difference and said “The difference is that I don’t have a pocket protector for my pens and pencils and I actually have friends!”. Now I am not saying that geeks don’t have friends, it’s just that in my school a geek was someone who had no friends (or only other geek friends), got straight A’s in their classes and had above average smarts, usually wore glasses and button up shirts and yes, there was even a couple with the famed “Pocket Protector” in their shirt pocket.

Now after I graduated from high school I wasn’t ever referred to as a geek again (at least not that I knew of) but I had always referred to myself as an “eGeek” from time to time. When someone asked what an eGeek was I gave them the definition I had given the classmate I first told that to in high school. As time has passed and our world has evolved into what it is today, there are more and more eGeeks out there.

Most people have come to love their electronic devices and there are even many that can’t seem to live without these electronic devices. As it appears to me, the world is starting to give way to the ways of the “eGeek” and now I am more like most people and not the strange electronic geek I was in high school. So now what was at one point in my life made fun of, is now the normal way most people live. This electronics based world has come full circle and made me even more cool then I thought I was back in high school. I am as much an eGeek as ever, why else would I create a website based on and for all the “eGeeks” in this electronics based world of ours?



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