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Google Wants Your Address!

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Yes, Google wants your address. I am talking about your Internet Address or Domain Name if you will. Today Google announced that they have launched the beta version of Google Domains, which for now is an invite only service for small businesses to help them find, register and manage their web addresses using this new Google service called Google Domains.

This new service offering by Google will have them competing with companies that were once their business partners. Their former business partner who will now be a rival of theirs, GoDaddy.com can’t be too happy with this new service from Google. GoDaddy has had financial troubles in recent years and this might just add to that. GoDaddy by the way is the worlds largest domain management company.

This new Google Domains service will let their users register new domain names as well as allow them to transfer existing domain names to the Google service. One key feature that Google is offering with the Google Domains service is free private registration, a feature / service that allows the domain owner to have their personal information kept private to help with spam, fraud and other negative things that can happen with open access to the domain owners contact information.

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Google has not yet announced when Google Domains will be available to the general public. Google has said this “Beta-Testing” process will help them find out how best to serve their customers. Google has also said it will help them find out what additional features they might be offering, such as mobile-site design,

Although Google will be a new player in the domain name market, with the many services they already offer, they might just have an advantage over many of the big names in the domain name business. It is also in the best interest of Google to get as many businesses online with their new service so that way they can have as many of the services Google already offers all get interconnected which might make some things easier for business owners. Also, with more and more businesses getting online it increases the amount of potential customers for the Google advertising service, Google AdWords.

We will have to wait and see how getting into this market plays out for Google. There will be a lot of competition from the big players in the domain name business. Google seems to be trying to get into as many new businesses as possible, and all about the same time so we will have to see if they are moving too fast or not. With all the resources Google has, they seem like sometimes they might be able to get into just about any market they want. Time will tell all.



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