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Microsoft Xbox One when first released included their motion-sensing camera Kinect. After tough sales Microsoft decided to sell their Xbox One video gaming system without it. Now Microsoft is to sell a stand alone version of their Kinect for Xbox One coming in October for $149.

The Microsoft Xbox One had slow sales figures when first released and that was partly due to the Kinect device being sold with every Xbox One which helped contribute to the $499 price tag for the gaming system. The Kinect also required a lot of system resources so game developers weren’t able to make their video games look as good as they do on the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4).

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After seeing the Sony Playstation 4 outsell the Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft decided to offer a Kinect-free version of the Xbox One gaming system for $399. Since the new Xbox One offing without the Kinect device included in June this has resulted in a very nice sales bump for Microsoft.

Times have been hard lately for the Kinect device and there are only a hand full of games in the works currently being developed. Microsoft hopes that their Kinect device still has a future in video gaming but when it all comes down to it the gamers will have the last word.



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