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Welcome to the eGeek Universe, “eGeek History” page. Here we have articles, stories, posts and other information that pertain to “eGeek History”. If you are an “eGeek” (someone who loves their electronic devices) then you will find a lot of the history that pertains to how we got to where we are in the modern electronic world.


Today’s “eGeek” is able to live the lives we live today with the modern electronic devices we have due to the electronic/electrical history that has come before us. We owe a lot of what we have today to many inventive people who wanted a better world with the help of electronics and electrical devices and inventions.


It’s impossible to imagine our world today without all of our modern electronics. With the steps many inventive people have taken in the past we are able to live our modern lives the way we do with our electronics and all our electrical goodies.


Today we see new electronics being introduced to our world faster than ever before. The strides that are being made to enrich our lives today through new electrical devices and inventions are setting course for tomorrows “eGeek” to have an even richer life made possible by the “eGeeks” of today. You might not even know it be “eGeek” history is being made as you read this article.


Be sure to read the “eGeek” history that is being posted here on our website so you can see some of what got us to the modern electronic age and helped bring us the electrical devices we can’t seem to live without.

eGeek History Articles!

The First eGeek!

Nikola Tesla circa 1890 150px - NO INF

Although Benjamin Franklin is credited with first discovering electricity in 1752 you can really consider him an “eGeek”. He did invent many things but not electronic (electrical) devices. Many people since then have been involved in the creation of electronic devices. You have Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone in March of 1876 (somewhat electric) and the rudimentary precursor to the modern medal detector in 1881. You also have Thomas Edison who had a hand in helping create many electrical things such as the first practical and economical Light Bulb, the Electric Pen (Yes, an electric pen or “ePen” if you will.), the D/C (Direct Current) Electric Generator and many other things….READ MORE!

Personal Portable Music History!

Original-Sony-Walkman-CC-G-150x150 - NO INF

In today’s world it is hard to imagine a life without being able to listen to our favorite music. Many of us love listening to our music through our favorite portable music players such as an Apple iPod, a Sony Walkman MP3 player or any number of other portable personal electronic music devices. To many people a day without their personal music player is just not something they would want to contemplate. This brief history of personal music players is how we got to where we are today to be able to have the music in our lives that many people world wide just can’t seem to live without….READ MORE!

How I became an “eGeek”!

eGeek_boy FROM eGeek Universe - NO INF

Throughout most of my life I have thought of and considered myself what I had called an “eGeek”. An eGeek being what I thought of as someone who loves electronic devices and thinks they are the modern wonders of the world. I first used the term to call myself that back in 1983 when I was a freshman in high school. I used to bring an early electronic hand held game (I had 2 different ones) to school and play it between classes, at lunch, before school started and so on. I also had a digital Pac-Man watch I wore that you could play a very crude version of Pac-Man on….READ MORE!



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