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Dude, where’s my iPod ?

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You might just be asking yourself just that soon. After 12+ years and 26 different devices later it looks like this famous icon might just fade into personal electronic history. This iconic personal electronic device will however always have it’s spot in many “eGeeks” present and past day-to-day lives.

Tim Cook CEO of Apple Inc. said recently “I think all of us have known for some time that the iPod is a declining business”. He announced that Apple Inc. has been having massive profits but that iPod sales had dropped 52% from the same time last year. He also said that they expect it to drop even further.

This news is not coming as a surprise to Apple. Many of the people who would have previously bought an iPod are now buying iPhone’s and iPad’s and this is resulting in a decrease in their iPod sales. This is sad for some to hear because many people say that this tiny electronic device was the catalyst that propelled Apple forward into the newer era of personal electronics.

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Steve Jobs


When Apple Inc. launched the iPhone in 2007 Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc. jokingly said that the iPhone was “The best iPod we’ve ever made”. I personally don’t know if he realized just how true that statement was. Along with all the iPhone’s apps and many features it gave it’s buyers it allowed a person to have one personal electronic device for many different features. As long a someone can afford an iPhone then there isn’t much of a need for a dedicated music device.

There is no guarantee that the iPod will be discontinued in the very near future but if it’s sales keep declining then it might just fade from Apple’s lineup. It seems hard to believe a world without a new iPod being released every so often with it’s newest and greatest features but I am guessing all us “eGeeks” will find something to spend our money on. Maybe a new pair of designer sunglasses? Naw, the ones I have are barely used. I know, I can buy that new digital camcorder I have been scoping out at Best Buy.

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