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Here are some websites that we think are cool and we think other eGeeks might want to check out. There is everything from picture and image editing websites, electronics retailers with lot’s of eGeek toys and many other cool websites.


If you know of a cool website that other eGeeks might like then please let us know about it to see if it should be added to our lists.


The Cool Site’s!

This site is very,very cool. If you are looking to buy any eGeek toys ( Consumer Electronics ) then you need to check this site out. They have just about everything electronics & computer related at great prices.

If you are an eGeek that likes to tinker or build your own electronic devices then this is a site you need to check out. They have all kinds of electronic parts and kits to tinker with.

A really cool retail site with lots of electronics gadgets that are out of the ordinary. Some really cool devices for phones, TV and video and lots of other neat eGeek toys to check out.

If you are an eGeek who loves tablets then this website is a must to check out. They specialize on bringing you all kinds or reviews on tablet PC’s as well as comparisons, news and discussions all on tablet PC’s.

This site is for all you eGeeks who love their Apple Inc. products. They have all kinds of useful information about all Apple products and not just Mac’s. Everything from Mac’s to iPad’s to iTunes and everything in between. If you love Apple products then check this cool site out.

This is a cool site if you want to get your own Free website. There is no cost at all and you can start a blog, small e-commerce site or any other site you might want to build & their drag & drop builder is very easy to use.

This site is cool because it’s a Free graphics generator for your websites or anywhere else you need a cool logo without doing a lot of design work. It’s real easy to use & makes cool text graphics.

This is a cool online picture editor website. This site allows you to upload your own pics & edit them. They have all kinds of cool effects you can do to alter your pics as well as add text plus many other photo editing features.

This is another cool online picture editor website. Lunapic has many different picture and image editing features that can come in handy.

This is a great electronics retailer that sells lot’s of things that eGeek’s like to play around with. They have a great website that you can go to if you are looking for just about any consumer electronics product. They also have many stores located across the country that you can go to if you want to check out the cool gadgets and other electronics in person.



If you know of any cool websites or blogs not listed above that you think other eGeeks might like then please tell us about it by sending us a message from our “Contact Us” page or by leaving us a reply below.

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