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How Bluetooth Technology Got It’s Name

Bluetooth technology is the combined brainchild of a Special Interest Group (SIG ) comprised of the companies of Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, IBM and Toshiba. These giant tech companies wanted a new wireless technology to replace the existing cable based networks as well as to connect many different devices. This is how they came up with …

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How I became an “eGeek”!

Throughout most of my life I have thought of and considered myself what I had called an “eGeek”. An eGeek being what I thought of as someone who loves electronic devices and thinks they are the modern wonders of the world. I first used the term to call myself that back in 1983 when I …

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The First eGeek

Although Benjamin Franklin is credited with first discovering electricity in 1752 you can really consider him an “eGeek”. He did invent many things but not electronic (electrical) devices. Many people since then have been involved in the creation of electronic devices. You have Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone in March of 1876 (somewhat …

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