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There is a new web browser coming out soon from Microsoft and it is code-named “Spartan”! This new web browser from Microsoft is due to be released with the upcoming release of the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS) a few months later this year. Will this new web browser by Microsoft replace their famous Internet Explorer (IE) in both build, function and name, or will it just be the newest installment of Internet Explorer? Right now, only the people at Microsoft know but there are certainly many rumors floating around the internet about Microsoft’s upcoming new web browser.

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Some of the rumors that are floating around are that Microsoft’s new web browser will be more light weight and work similar to other popular web browsers out their like Google’s Chrome web browser and the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you go by what Microsoft has produced as far as web browsers in the past, it won’t be as light weight as these other popular web browsers.


Another rumor which is strongly agreed upon is that Microsoft’s new web browser will include Microsoft’s digital personal assistant technology, or in more basic terms, it will have Cortana. You know, the one from Microsoft’s famous video game, Halo. This should be a nice addition and might just up the ante among web browsers.


Usually when Microsoft releases a new version of their Microsoft Windows operating system, a new version web browser is released right along side of it. This, however will be the first time that Microsoft will be releasing a new web browser for all of their consumer Windows devices. This new web browser from Microsoft will operate across personal computers (PC’s), tablets and Windows Phone based smartphones.


Another thing that Microsoft is working hard on as a feature for their new web browser is backward-compatibility with previous versions of Microsoft‘s web browsers, or in layman’s terms, they want to make it work with the web browsers and related software from their earlier web browsers.

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) has been gaining market share in the web browser wars and as of last month Internet Explorer’s market share in the web browser market rose 9 percent to a market share of 40 percent. That’s 10 percent more than the popular Google Chrome web browser which in December had 30 percent of the market after losing 5 percent that month.


This new web browser from Microsoft does sound like a breath of fresh air. Will this new browser be a big shot in the arm for Microsoft and help their new Windows 10 operating system reach it’s much anticipated potential? I guess we will just have to cross our fingers and hope Microsoft produces what they are capable of and help them regain some of their past glory.


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