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Are you iWatching?

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Apple has their new smartwatch coming out soon which people have dubbed the iWatch, but apple is marketing it as the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch when first introduced had people eager with anticipation hoping Apple would introduce their next must have technology device that makes many manufacturers green with envy. This newest upcoming offering from Apple might not be all is was originally claiming to be and one of it’s discovered downfalls might be the thing that dooms it to fail before it even gets a fair chance to make it’s mark in the technology device markets, especially the growing “Wearable Technologyniche market.


When the Apple Watch (or iWatch if you like) was first introduced it was claiming that it would have about a day or 19 hours or usage time before it would need to be recharged to be able to be used again. Now there are reports out that the Apple Watch will only be able to support about 2.5 hours of continuous heavy use of the Apple Watch’s applications or it’s games. Just using standard usage of the Apple Watch’s applications is said to only be able to last about 3.5 hours. If you are just using your Apple Watch for exercise tracking in it’s fitness mode, that is said to have the Apple Watch lasting just 4 hours before needing a recharge to be able to reuse the device again.

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A couple of the main reasons for the Apple Watch’s lack of a longer use time between needed charges is partly due to the Apple Watch’s powerful Apple S1 CPU (Central Processing Unit) chip and the famed Apple Retina display. The devices retina display refreshes at about 60 cycles per minute which is a huge draw on the Apple Watch’s battery which is a big factor in the devices low usable hour count.

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Most people in the smart watch market are looking for a smart watch that can last 24-48 hours of usage before needing to be recharged to use again. With the Apple Watch coming up way short of what many people on the market are wanting for this type of device, this might just be a big hurdle for the Apple Watch to overcome if it hopes to be a big success for Apple. The Apple Watch is due to be released sometime in March so with that target deadline rapidly approaching, Apple must try to see if they can squeeze out a little more usable time for their Apple Watch before needing a recharge if they are hoping to have the success they usually enjoy with new product introductions such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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