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An Apple Full of Bugs!

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Yes, you read that right, there is an Apple full of bugs! By that I mean the Apple iOS 8, Apple Inc’s latest release of their operating system. The iOS operating system that was recently released with the Apple iPhone 6 has had many reports around the internet as having many bugs plaguing the new operating system. This is not the first time Apple’s initial release of their iOS operating system has had bug issues reported but this latest release of the iOS 8 operating system has been reported as having more bugs than any previous version of the popular operating system.

Some of these bugs that have been reported in the Apple iOS 8 include phones that randomly and without warning, rebooting themselves, calls getting dropped by random hang-ups and random keyboard malfunctions to name a few. Some users of Apple’s iOS 8 have reported that their iPhones have gotten stuck in an endless reboot cycle leaving their iPhones inoperable at that time. The iOS 8 operating system has been reported to have a 60% higher crash rate then the previous Apple iOS 7 operating system. This new iOS 8 operating system was allegedly rushed to meet it’s release date for the iPhone 6 which might have been the cause for so many bugs showing up in Apple’s new operating system.

Apple’s loyal consumers have come to want and expect perfection from all of Apple’s products and when Apple doesn’t deliver on this the users are very unhappy, especially since Apple products sell for premium prices. These consumers think that for the prices that Apple charges for there devices, they should be perfect and without flaw. On a note to remember, the Apple iOS operating systems are not the only operating systems to be released and found to have bugs. Pretty much all major operating systems that get released wind up having bugs that need to be fixed, it’s the nature of software. All a developer can do is to try to eliminate as many of the bugs that they can find before releasing their software. Sometimes however strict deadlines that need to be met can contribute to some bugs slipping past the testing phases that developers have.

Most of the time Apple does release products that are high quality and with little imperfections, however lately Apple has had a couple of quality issues that have come to light. One of these issues is with their iPhone 6 has been was has been dubbed “Bendgate” in which some iPhone users have reported their iPhone 6’s bowing slightly when carried in a users back pocket for a length of time. Now with so many bugs being found in their iOS 8 operating system, this is just one more headache that Apple has to address and fix as soon as possible.

Although there have been many bugs reported with the new Apple iOS 8 operating system, that hasn’t stopped consumers from buying the latest Apple devices. Now with Christmas right around the corner I am sure Apple’s new products will be found under many Christmas trees so hopefully Apple with get these reported bugs fixed and release an update to take care of them.



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