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Amazon want’s your eyes!

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On their new smartphone to be released later this year that is. Amazon will be releasing their first self branded smartphone later this year (expected around September). This will be their first shot at producing their own brand of smartphone and from the early speculation it will be a hot item.

Amazon is going to be entering a highly competitive market that already has smartphone makers sending out new offerings every day it seems. Apple and Samsung will be among some fierce competition that Amazon will be facing for consumer dollars. While this is a very highly competitive market Amazon is planning on setting themselves apart by offering something no other manufacturer currently does.

This new smartphone from Amazon is said it can produce 3D (Three Dimensional) images without the need for special glasses to see the images in 3D. Amazon’s new phone will be using retina-tracking technology from 4 different facing camera’s to do this. This technology is said to produce a hologram-like effect on the images it produces. This will be a major leap forward in smartphone technology and I am sure it will be something to see when you see it for your first time.


Although Amazon has an uphill battle against some major players in the smartphone, I am sure with the cutting edge technology they will be bringing to the smartphone market will get their foot in the door so to speak. If the 3D / Hologram-like images are as good as we all hope I am sure all us “eGeeks” can’t wait to see those fast food commercials make those burgers look even more mouth watering than they do in 2D (Two Dimensional). Now if only Amazon can develop a technology to make those burgers look the same way in person as they do on a TV (Television).



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