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A Phone To Die For!

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Every eGeek loves their smartphone and we use it for many things, not just communication. As our smartphones are getting smarter and more and more things are able to be done with them, they are becoming an ever increasing part of our lives as well as an extension of our lives. With all that our smartphones are capable of and taking the cost of the device itself into consideration, there is something you need to ask yourself. Is my phone worth dying for? Is it so valuable that you would risk your life for it?

Lately there have been many incidences where people have died while trying to retrieve their phones. A few days ago in China, 2 people lost their lives while trying to retrieve a cell phone that had slipped and fallen into an open pit toilet. A woman had her phone slip out of her hand into this open pit toilet and her husband went in after it (yeah, that’s right! He went into an open pit toilet after a phone.) and quickly lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen in the pit. Then his wife, mother and several neighbors went down to try to rescue the man and they passed out as well. After all was said and done six people were pulled out of the pit, and the husband and his mother died from suffocation.

This is not the only story of this type, they popping up more and more lately. In Chicago this last January two people died while trying to retrieve a cell phone from on top of a frozen over Chicago river. A man fell through the ice trying to retrieve the phone and two of his friends went in after him to rescue him. Only one of the three survived, a male friend who was one that went in to save the man.

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Also in the Chicago area, a 55 year old mad was crushed to death while searching for his cell phone when he had gone into a large garbage compactor in the building he lived in. After his wife had reported him as missing a search was conducted. He was later found in the building’s garbage compactor after a neighbor had said that the man had told him that he might have mistakenly thrown out his cell phone.

As every eGeek knows, your cell phone can be an important part of a person’s life. We use them to communicate with those in our lives, to look up information on the internet, check our bank balances and much more. One thing everyone needs to take into consideration is that a phone CAN BE REPLACED, and a person’s life CAN NOT BE REPLACED! I love my smartphone as much as anyone but I will NOT risk my life for it and I hope everyone else will think before risking a life for an electronic device. Be smart and make the choice NOT to risk your life for something that is easily replaced!



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