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A Galaxy of Six’y Curves!


A new Galaxy of curves is heading your way soon, are you prepared? I’m talking about the new, soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. This Android Lollipop OS (Operating System) based smartphone has a great looking “Six’y” curved edge shape and it is a very sweet looking device. This Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the counterpart to the regular (Non-Curved Edge) Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone. The Galaxy S6 Edge (as well as the Galaxy S6) are due to be released in about a month.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with some awesome specs so it is surely gunning to out do any other mainstream smartphone on the market, including the Apple iPhone 6. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen with 577 PPI (pixels per inch) for an amazing display quality. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a 5MP (5 Megapixel) front facing camera and a 16MP camera on the back side to take some incredible pictures and videos. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also has a main structure made of aluminum and Gorilla Glass to make for a very sturdy design. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had a plastic frame and was one of the main complaints from consumers looking for a smartphone that was more sturdy.


The display on the Galaxy S6 Edge curves around both the left and right side of the display screen making for a really futuristic look. One of the main reasons that Samsung designed their Galaxy S6 Edge with the curved edges like this is so that there will be side areas on the display that are out of the normal viewing area that can be used for helpful widgets and other handy apps. The new Galaxy S6 Edge will also be available in a color that just about anyone will like. The Galaxy S6 Edge will come in white, black, gold and a green version.


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android based smartphone is due to be released next month, April 10th and there will surely be a big demand for this hot new “Six’y” smartphone. If you are an eGeek in need for a hot new Android based smartphone, be sure to keep your eyes out for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This is definitely a smartphone that you will want to consider taking home with you. Watch out Apple iPhone, there’s a “Six’y” new smartphone out there called the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looking to be the phone that everyone will want to be showing off!


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