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Two Big Apple’s!

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Yes you read that right, there are now two Big Apple’s! I am talking about two big Apple smartphones, the Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 plus. Apple has finally decided to increase the screen size on there iconic iPhone smartphones to keep up with other smartphone manufacturers and the ever increasing screen size on these smartphones.

Apple is now trying to keep up with the Jones’ (or more like the Samsung’s ) and the bigger display screens that have been seemingly increasing faster than us consumers can keep up. The original Apple iPhone had a display (screen) size of just 3.5 inches, which by today’s standards is on the smaller side but when introduced it was actually considered a large display size. The Apple iPhone 5 has a display size of 4 inches which in now on the lower end of display sizes by the newer market standards. Now Apple has introduced the new iPhone 6 with a display size of 4.7 inches and their new Apple iPhone 6 plus sports a display size of a healthy 5.5 inches. Apple’s iPhone is all grown up now!

iPhone 6 models 300px WIDE - NO INF

New larger display sizes are not the only thing the new Apple iPhone 6 has improved upon. They have also improved the iPhone’s camera autofocus feature for improved pictures. The Apple iPhone 6 plus also has optical image stabilization to improve picture quality although it would have been nice to have this feature in the less expensive base iPhone 6 model. They also have improved wi-fi and LTE capabilities to speed up data downloads and online browsing. They have also increased the maximum built in storage capabilities up to 128GB so you will have plenty of room for your apps, games, pictures and other personal data. Another performance feature that both new Apple iPhone 6 models have is their new Apple A8 processor for a nice speed boost in processing power.

Apple has now moved up to these bigger display sizes for those who want a bigger screen sized smartphone in an Apple iPhone variety. These new display size increases along with more storage space available, an improved camera with added features for better quality pictures and many other improvements now leaves users who are wanting a new Apple iPhone to decide which of these two big Apple’s they want to call their own.



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