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There’s a Bug in your Apple!

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Yes, there is a Bug in your Apple! I’m talking about your Apple iPhone and iPad device that is. A German security expert named Andreas Kurtz has found that anyone that gets their hands on your Apple device might be able to gain access to your files that were sent via email. Even if your device is locked and has a passcode.

When Apple released iOS 4 in 2010 they assured their customers that their files were very well guarded with an extra layer of security. As it turns out, this is not actually the case. Andreas Kurtz has found that if you plug an iPhone 4 into a computer you can get around the passcode with some simple passcode-bypassing software which is easy to find on the internet. Your e-mail attachments are the vulnerable part of the data on your device. These are supposed to be encrypted and only appear as a mess of numbers & letters but using the method Kurtz used they are however intact and are accessible to any would be thief or device hacker.

There is a bit of good news and that is that this method will not work on the newer devices since they don’t allow computers to access raw files. The software flaw is still there though so if a hacker can figure out how to get to those files then the files will be unencrypted. What does this mean for the Apple device end user? It means you need to be aware of this security flaw and take additional steps to guard your device and your data. Until this weakness in your Apple device is fixed in a future update perhaps all Apple device owners should keep their guard up and don’t let anyone or anything near your device, not even the cat!



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