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The First eGeek

Nikola Tesla circa 1890 - NO INF

Nikola Tesla Circa 1890

Although Benjamin Franklin is credited with first discovering electricity in 1752 you can really consider him an “eGeek”. He did invent many things but not electronic (electrical) devices. Many people since then have been involved in the creation of electronic devices. You have Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone in March of 1876 (somewhat electric) and the rudimentary precursor to the modern metal detector in 1881. You also have Thomas Edison who had a hand in helping create many electrical things such as the first practical and economical Light Bulb, the Electric Pen (Yes, an electric pen or “ePen” if you will.), the D/C (Direct Current) Electric Generator and many other things.

Along with the bright and inventive men named above there have been others but none who completely lived for their electronics and electrical inventions like one man! That man is Nikola Tesla. This man lived for electricity. He spent his whole life pursuing the development of electrical devices and improving people’s lives with electricity and electrical devices. Everything in this man’s life revolved around electricity and as a result of it many things we know and use today come from his inventions.

Nikola Tesla was a man who never stopped thinking about electricity and electrical devices. He has hundreds of Patents in many countries around the world. Without his devotion to electricity and electrical devices we would not be where we are today and many of the things us eGeeks love might never have been invented (or at least not yet). Every eGeek owes a debt of gratitude for the devotion of Nikola Tesla and his pursuit of electrical invention. Without him you might not even be reading this article right now. Because of all he did in his lifetime to help the world grow into the wonderful world that has all the electrical devices is has now we are naming him the first “eGeek”!


Top Inventions of Nikola Tesla: (In no particular order)

1. Alternating Current Electricity (AC Electricity). That’s the stuff that comes out of the wall outlets in you home and elsewhere for you Non-eGeeks! Where we get the power for our beloved electronic gadgets.

2. Radio Control (Remote Control) devices. Everyone with a Radio Controlled Car, Truck, Boat or whatever has those devices because of Nikola Tesla.

3. Radio. You know, that stuff people listen to when they don’t have an iPod or other MP3 Player handy.

4. A/C Motor (Alternating Current Motor) & A/C Generator. The motors that power many electrical machines & devices as well as the generators that give us the power to run and charge all our electrical devices.


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