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Sony is Gettin’ Smaller!

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Yes Sony is “Gettin’ Smaller”, or at least their all new offering from their Sony Walkman personal portable music player line is. The Sony high-resolution personal music player, the new Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 is the smallest personal music player of it’s type on the market today and it is one sweet piece of eGeek music gear!

The Sony Walkman has always been in the forefront of personal music technology and always had some of the best personal music players ever made. Starting out with the original Sony Walkman portable cassette player and now with their latest Walkman, the Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 high-resolution ultra thin and light weight music player.

Sony-Walkman NWZ-A17 pic 2 - 250px WIDE - NO INFSome of the sweet specs of new Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 include a die-cast aluminum outer body, an easy to see anti-reflective TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD display, 64 GB of storage space that is expandable to 192 GB by way of a micro SD card slot giving you up to about 50+ hours of music listening time, and all in a minuscule 2.4 ounces. This new Sony Walkman supports the MP3, WMA, WMA lossless, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, WAV and ALAC file types. The new Walkman’s audio resolution is up to 192 kHz/24 bit for ultra high quality music playing for your favorite tunes.

The Sony Walkman has always continued to evolve over it’s vast lifetime ( Starting in July 1st 1979 ) and with each evolution they have always given their customers great music players with great cutting edge features along with great quality devices to listen to their preferred music type. The new Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 high-resolution personal music player continues along this fine tradition of personal music quality. The next time you are in your favorite electronics retailer be sure to check them out, they are an impressive looking eGeek toy to check out!



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