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Samsung is AMOLED!

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Yes Samsung is AMOLED, and by that I mean the display screens on their newest Android based tablets are. Samsung has introduced the first affordable AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emmiting diode) screen Android based tablets and they are set to blow you away by means of their richer colored displays.

These AMOLED screens have already been showing up in some of Samsung’s smartphones and now Samsung is going to have them in there soon to be released Galaxy Tab S line of Android based tablet PC’s. Until now tablet manufacturers haven’t used AMOLED display screens in tablets because they are more difficult and expensive to produce in the larger sizes for tablets.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S tablets will come in two different screen sizes, an 8.4 inch version and the larger 10.5 in model. These tablets are due to start selling in the US in July with the smaller 8.4 inch model going for about $400 US and the larger 10.5 inch model will sell for about $500 US.

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These new Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets will also be thinner that the Apple iPad with a thickness of about 1/4” (6.6 millimeters). The smaller 8.4 inch version of this new tablet is also lighter than an Apple iPad Mini, and the larger one is about the same weight as an Apple iPad Air. These new Samsung tablets also have a display resolution of 2,560 pixels by 1,600 pixels, which is a higher screen resolution that the Apple iPad Air.

The war among tablet makers to produce thinner and lighter tablets with ever improving displays is in full swing and it looks like Samsung wants to be top dog in these fields. In recent years Samsung has been gaining market share in the tablet market at Apple’s expense. They have done this with a wide variety of tablets with many different size,quality and hardware options. Now with these new Galaxy Tab S tablets that gives them that much more for consumers to choose from. Watch out Apple, there might just be a new Top Dog in the tablet market that goes by the name ‘Samsung’.



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