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Samsung getting in Gear 2 !

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Yes Samsung is getting in Gear again with their new Samsung Gear 2 wearable technology smart watch. It appears as though some of the top technology companies are going to be putting some of their money into the development of wearable technology and Samsung is one to keep an eye on.

This new smart watch by Samsung is compatible with several of their Galaxy line of smartphones which is a plus if you own one of them. It would be nice if it was compatible with all android devices but maybe in a future version it will be. It is also water proof to a degree but just don’t take it in the pool with you or you might be needing a new one. It has a bright display screen, a responsive notification and control system, about a 3 day battery life, a pretty decent camera for a watch, and it even has some health and fitness apps like a heart rate monitor as well as a pedometer.

Samsung-Gear-2-Watch-150px - NO INFThe Gear 2 is definitely great as a watch due to some pretty cool accelerometer features which makes it light up as soon as you need it to and it will also stay dark most of the time when you don’t need it to be lit up. To access the features of the Gear 2 you just swipe across the face to access the various screens to access them. Some of these features you can access are a contact list, music controls, a voice memo recorder, the fitness apps and several more.

This latest smart watch offering from Samsung has some solid improvements over the original Samsung Gear. Samsung has put quite a bit of research and development into the new Gear 2 and it seems like they are going to keep developing this type of technology into the foreseeable future. So it looks like wearable technology will continue to grow and bring us new features and capabilities, maybe in the next version of the Gear they can include a feature that gives the wearer an electric zap to remind them to get back to work instead of browsing the internet for information on the latest “eGeek” toys, playing computer games or checking their Facebook when they should be working!



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