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It seems that the popular gadget “Google Glass” (a wearable computer with an optical display in a form similar to a pair of reading glasses) is becoming a pain for some! Several users of this device have been getting asked to remove their Google Glass device in some restaurant’s and other public places.

Some users of this device have been noted as seeming to be rude while wearing this device and a new term for these people has been coined and that term is “Glassholes”. Though Google hasn’t been involved in the invention of the term they have accepted the term. Google has pleaded with their Google Glass users not to behave in a rude manner while wearing their device though. Even though most people probably are not trying to be rude intentionally, it seems like they are to others around them.

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While in public places several users of the Google Glass device have been asked to remove them and this has lead to retaliation on several social websites such as Facebook and Google+. In Seattle an engineer was asked to remove his Google Glass device while wearing them in a local cafe and lounge. In a Facebook post later this lead to an unfavorable posting about this experience which later caused a rebuttal from the  restaurant saying they didn’t want “Google Glass wearing man children stinking up the joint.”.

In New York City a  restaurant noticed several one star reviews on Google Reviews after asking a patron to remove their Google Glass device while they were in their establishment. The woman who was asked to remove the device said that this had never happened to her before in the whole time she had been wearing the device. The  restaurant stated that there had been privacy concerns in the past and that was why they asked her to remove the device while she was there. One of the one star reviews that was posted on Google Reviews about this  restaurant said “They discriminate against people who are into new technology. Don’t eat there.”. Another reviewer said “Not tech friendly” & “Don’t waste your money here.”. These reviews can hurt a business and the  restaurant owners know this and are not happy about the reviews and say many are unfair.

As with many new technology devices it will take time for others not using these devices to get used to them and realize many of their fears and concerns about these devices are unwarranted. Time will tell if a device like Google Glass will be around for a long time or a passing fad. Many new technology devices seem good at first only to die off and become part of technology past while others stick around and become a part of many people’s lives. We may look back a few years from now and realize that many thoughts and fears of these devices were silly, remember when Furby’s were banned by the NSA because they could learn and repeat things and they feared that the Furby’s would record secrets that spies could get a hold of?

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