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Microsoft Playing Leapfrog?

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It seems that Microsoft is wanting to play leapfrog with Apple and Google (Android)! Why would I say that? Well with their New Digital Personal Assistant named “Cortana” that is part of their new Windows Phone 8.1 OS (Operating System) update, they have raised the bar. Microsoft has taken a big leap forward with this new feature along with other new upgrades but we will talk about those another time. This is Cortana’s day.


The Windows Phone OS (Operating System) has brought “Cortana” from their Xbox game Halo where Cortana was an AI (Artificial Intelligence) sidekick. Now in Windows Phone Cortana can help you do just about everything you can do on your Smartphone. Cortana can help you schedule appointments, let you know about alerts for upcoming flights you are going on, give you weather updates, driving directions and Cortana will even tell you jokes.

One of the best things is that Cortana will learn about you and your habits. Cortana will learn about your routines, dining habits, news stories you are keeping track of and much more. Cortana will also give you reminders about specific people. For instance, Cortana can remind you to ask about a friends vacation, your children’s school projects and many more things.


You can use voice commands to use Cortana’s abilities or you can also type them in if you are in a quiet place like a library or somewhere else you need to be quiet. One other cool feature about Cortana is that if you are planning on picking up some food on the way home Cortana can remind you as you are driving by the place you wanted to get food from so you don’t forget it.


Microsoft has made some big advances with their new Windows Phone 8.1 OS (Operating System) and not just with the addition of Cortana but with many other advances and improvements. If they keep making dramatic improvements like this then the Windows Phone OS (Operating System) might just leapfrog the competition and have them looking at the back of Cortana!



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