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Microsoft Mini Me!

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Yes Microsoft is rumored to be releasing the long awaited Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet PC in the coming months. This is expected to happen sometime in 2014 or early 2015. This comes as Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPad Mini tablet PC. Maybe this new smaller feature rich Surface Mini can be just what Microsoft needs to gain some market share in the tablet PC market in which they have been trying to gain.

The new Microsoft Surface Mini tablet PC will be a loaded mini tablet with full PC specs running Microsoft Windows 8 all in a smaller tablet form which is rumored to be in the 7” screen display size. It will be running an Intel Processor ( CPU ) to give it the processing power to run everything smoothly. t is also rumored that the new Surface Mini tablet PC will come with a digital pen as an accessory for the tablet. The Surface Mini will also have an available detachable keyboard just like it’s bigger versions of the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft hasn’t had the impact on the tablet PC market like it had been hoping for with the larger Microsoft Surface and the Microsoft Surface PRO tablets. Now they will be trying their hand at the ever growing smaller tablet PC market with this new Surface Mini tablet. Microsoft will be packing a lot of power and capabilities into this new Surface Mini Tablet PC so we will have to see if this can give Microsoft the much needed gain in market share in the tablet PC market. Will the Microsoft Surface Mini be the next big thing in Tablet PC’s? Maybe. With Microsoft exploring new markets to get into, I can’t wait for a Microsoft Windows Smartwatch! Soon Maybe?



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