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Microsoft Killing Windows !

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Yes you read that right, Microsoft will be killing off Windows next year and by that I mean the Microsoft Windows RT operating system (OS). Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Tuesday that coming next year Microsoft will combine all of the versions of Microsoft Windows into one single unified operating version. That means an end to Microsoft Windows NT which for those who don’t know is the Microsoft Windows operating system version for tablet PC’s.

When it was first introduced, Microsoft’s Windows RT was supposed to launch Microsoft into the modern tablet PC era. This however was not the case due to two major flaws that the operating system has had to deal with. First, it is missing crucial apps that other tablet operating systems have available on their operating systems. Second, it was poorly designed and doesn’t function as well as the two other main tablet operating systems ( Apple iOS and Google Android ) on the market do.

One main problem for the Microsoft Windows RT operating system is that the only major Tablet line to run the Microsoft Windows RT operating system is the Microsoft Surface RT and it had awful sales numbers last year which lead to a write-down by Microsoft to the sum of $900 Million dollars last year. Since Microsoft Windows RT tablets can only run apps built for the Windows store that has hurt the operating system’s ability to capture new consumers in the ever growing tablet PC marketplace.

Microsoft has done a nice job in increasing the number of apps available in their app store which is up to about 170,000 apps available. That’s about half of the apps that are available for iPad users. Even though Microsoft has done a nice job increasing the number of apps available in their store, there are still a few key apps that many consumers want available including iTunes, Firefox browser & Chrome browser. One of the key selling features as far as apps that the Microsoft Windows RT based Surface tablets had going for them was the ability to run Microsoft Office from the tablet itself. Microsoft has since released it’s Microsoft Office that will run on the Apple iPad so now they have lost that key feature they used to have all to themselves.

This next year when Microsoft is due to release it’s single unified version of Microsoft Windows for use across all of the different devices it will mark the death of the Microsoft Windows RT operating system but this should be the dawn of a new era for Microsoft. This era will have many possibilities and a chance for Microsoft to put all of it’s efforts into one single great operating system instead of having different operating systems for each different device.

Will these upcoming years be a time where Microsoft regains it’s lost glory and market hold? Only time can answer that question but it will be nice having just a single version of Windows for all devices. A single unified version of Microsoft Windows for all devices sure sounds good to me.



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