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Kill-Bill is Dead !

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The California Kill-Bill Switch, I mean the Kill-Switch Bill (I’m easily confused. LOL) is officially dead. In the California state Senate the smartphone Kill-Switch bill as it’s known (mobile kill-switch bill) has been voted down.

The bill would have required all smartphones sold in California to have a remote kill feature (designed to render the stolen smartphone useless) which is intended to cut down on stolen smartphones. If the new bill would have passed it would require all cell phone service carriers to sell only kill-switch enabled smartphones and the carriers would have been fined a steep $2500 fine for every smartphone they sold without this feature.

Some California law makers and other officials have been pushing hard to get this bill passed. The district attorney’s office in San Francisco says that about half of all robberies last year included the theft of a smartphone. The smartphone makers would prefer that the feature is an opt-in feature that the consumer can choose to activate if they want. Some have even gone as far as to express concern that hackers could hack the systems and remotely shut down an end user’s phone.

Weather you think this feature would be a good thing or a bad thing is each person’s opinion. In my personal opinion I can’t imagine it would make a would be thief just leave a smartphone behind just because it might get killed remotely. I myself think a thief would just grab it anyway and sell it for parts or use it as a trophy. If you really want people to leave your smartphone alone, just do like I do and put a Spongebob case on it with a matching lock screen. Nobody even thinks of stealing my phone!



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