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iMac Going Down!


Yes you read that right, the iMac computer system is going down! I am talking about the price of course. Apple has decided they will be selling their newest “entry level” iMac computer system starting at just $1099 which is $200 lower than their previous entry entry level iMac computer system.

Apple is hoping to attract a broader buyer market by having their newest entry level iMac have a starting price at  $1099 US. This new starting price is $200 cheaper than their previous entry level iMac computer system.

The main features of this newest entry level Apple iMac are a 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of system memory, a 500 GB hard drive as well as a 21.5” LED-Backlit screen. This system also comes with the newest generation of Wi-Fi, the 802.11ac spec version and it also has 2 Thunderbolt ports for super high speed data transfers from digital cameras and other media devices. This new iMac also comes with Apple’s software suite that includes a spreadsheet, word processor and photo editing program.

The Apple iMac has long been a personal computer system that had a premium price tag and because of that, the lower priced competitors have enjoyed getting all the budget minded consumers looking at their products to fit their price range needs. Now that Apple is starting to make some nice slashes to the starting price of their new iMac entry level computer system they are starting to narrow the price gap between them and their lower priced competitors. This should get a lot more people looking at maybe getting an Apple iMac computer system that wouldn’t have before. Good job Apple, now lets see those iPad prices come down!



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