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I’m talking about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet that is. Microsoft’s brand new Surface Pro 3 Windows based tablet PC looks great on the “Surface”, now we will just have to see if it is capable of delivering the performance and functionality it is capable of to make it a real first choice for all your computing needs.

Today, most people who own a tablet still own a laptop that they use for “Real Work”. Microsoft wants to change that and make their Surface Pro 3 line of tablet PC’s the only device you need for all your computing needs. Will they be able to get people to put their laptops away and forget about needing them for any of their computing needs? That is a question that they are hoping their Surface Pro 3 Tablet PC will answer.

Ever since the introduction of their Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablet PC’s there was never a doubt that they were terribly impressive as far as their hardware was concerned. As a matter of fact many in the tablet industry praised Microsoft for cramming much tech into a device that size. Microsoft has never had a problem with these devices as far as performance was concerned.

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One key problem they have had with these devices is making them more affordable to the masses. Their basic lower end Surface Pro 3 has a price of $799 USD and their upper end Surface Pro 3 is right around $2000 USD. This price range makes them a premium device that many will not want to pay for. Are they worth the premium price? To some, yes but to many the answer is no. That is one thing that will play a role on the ability of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to gain in the marketplace and make people consider buying one of these devices as a combined laptop and tablet replacement.

The Surface Pro 3 is a very solid and well built machine with premium specs. The abilities of integration between the Surface Pro 3 and a dedicated desktop or laptop does have it’s benefits. In the past Microsoft has chosen to market the Surface Pro as a tablet and a laptop. Now they are branding it as a tablet that is so great that it replaces the need for a laptop. To this consumer this might just be a better way to market this device to potential consumers.

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-3-Pic-CC-G-300x206 - NO INFThis new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet is a very impressive device and if any of you ever get a chance to test out the abilities then I would greatly recommend it. It has some real nice abilities which many people will appreciate. If you add the optional attachable keyboard it does add more capabilities but it still is not the same as using a dedicated keyboard.

Will the Surface Pro 3 make people forget about their laptops and choose to use just this device for all their tablet and laptop needs? Probably not, or at least not yet. Microsoft does have an impressive device here but until they are able to get this device into a more affordable price range to more closely match their competitors they will probably not see the market growth they would like. Maybe they should produce a more affordable line of these devices around the $400 price range just to get some of the more budget friendly market. They can call it the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Lite!



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