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Google Got High!

Yes that’s right, Google just got high! High flying Drones that is. Google has just acquired Titan Aerospace which makes high flying drones that can stay aloft for extended periods of time. Google made this acquisition so they can move forward with their plans to help provide internet access to the approximately two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access.


Titan Aerospace was originally sought by Facebook who are also wanting to help provide the rest of the world with internet access. Titan Aerospace is one of the leading solar powered drone makers in the world today with some leading edge technology put into their drones. Some of these drones can even stay aloft for up to 5 years without the need to refuel or land according to their website.


These high altitude solar powered drones may also be used to help Google with their mapping services. If Google has their own high altitude drones it will be almost like having their own satellites and they will be able to have much faster updates for Google Maps and Google Earth. They would also be able to provide near real-time information for weather updates.


It looks like in the future Google will be helping to provide the rest of the world that doesn’t have internet access with something we take for granted. The spread of information through the internet will be able to help those without internet access now learn of things they don’t know now (or at least don’t know as fast as others with internet access do). They will even have the ability to order a pizza online (Assuming they know what pizza is, if not they can “Google” it. LOL) , get the breaking news stories and much more they don’t have speedy access to now.


They will even be able to get an email account to communicate with family and friends. Maybe we should warn them about email spamming and those Russian mail-order bride schemes. What am I thinking, they need to learn of some of the benefits of having internet access for themselves.



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