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Apple iPad Air 2 Gold 2 - 300px WIDE - NO INF

Well it’s the middle of October and many people are getting ready to get some air, an Apple iPad Air 2 is what I am talking about. Apple just announced that it’s new model of the Apple iPad, the Apple iPad Air 2 will be released and hitting the markets soon so buyers can look forward to the new iPad Air 2 about 2 months before Christmas so that is sure to be on many consumers Christmas list.

The new Apple iPad Air 2 has a starting price of $499 US for a 16 GB model with Wi-Fi, a price of $599 US for a 64 GB Wi-Fi model and the 128 GB model will run you $699 US. If you are looking for 4G connectivity for you new iPad Air 2 the 16 GB 4 G model starts at $629 for the 16 GB model, the 64 GB 4G model runs $729 US and the 128 GB 4G model runs $829. These are some healthy prices for a new tablet but if you want the new Apple iPad Air 2 you are going to have to pay well for that luxury.

Apple iPad Air 2 - 300px WIDE - NO INF

The Apple iPad Air 2 has some real nice specs as you would expect from an Apple product. Some of these specs are a 9.7” display with a screen resolution of 1536 x 2048. This new display also has a new zero air gap screen allowing for the new Apple iPad Air 2 to be 1.4 mm thinner than the original Apple iPad Air. The new iPad Air 2 comes in 3 available colors including Silver, Space Grey and a much awaited Gold colored model. The new iPad Air 2 comes equipped with Apple’s new A8X CPU chip which Apple claims is 40% faster than the previous iPad Air model. The new CPU is also claimed to have up to 2.5 times faster graphics due to this new CPU. The new iPad Air 2 also comes equipped with an 8MP camera for high quality images. The battery life on this new Apple iPad Air 2 is stated as having a run time of up to 10 hours of use so you will have plenty of time between required charging.

The new Apple iPad Air 2 has some real nice specs and features as has come to be expected from an Apple iPad. There are many Android based tablets on the market with equally impressive specs and features but at a lower price which will mean some stiff competition between these 2 different tablet platforms. With Christmas only about 2 months away the gift shopping season will be a big indicator as to if consumers want to pay a higher retail price to have an Apple product over the more cost friendly Android tablets that are out on the market. Good luck Apple!



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