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The new Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera has brought a new take on digital action cameras. Polaroid has shrunk an digital action camera down to a 35mm cube and with its retail price of right around $100 U.S. , it promises fun action videos you can create at a price that will make it very popular.

Polaroid wants to get into the digital action camera market and with their new Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera they are doing just that. This new digital action camera has some nice specs, including the ability to shoot video in 720p or 1080p resolution, a micro SD slot which supports up to a 32GB micro SD memory card, a 124 degree wide-angle lens, a micro USB 2.0 port to connect to your computer, a 6 megapixel resolution still photo function and a built in rechargeable battery that has a run time of up to 90 minutes of digital action footage. The Polaroid Cube also boasts that it is weatherproof and shockproof due to it’s durable rubber outer shell so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged too easily. It also comes in three different colors, black, blue and red.

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This new digital action camera by Polaroid is so compact and easy to store you can take it with you anywhere and be ready to shoot digital videos. The Polaroid Cube even has a built in magnet so you can stick it to metal to make for some cool spots to shoot video. Polaroid has also released some nifty camera mounts for the Polaroid Cube to add to it’s functionality. The mounts that are currently available include a pendant mount, a helmet mount, a monkey shaped stand, a waterproof case and suction cup mount, a bike mount, a small tripod mount and a strap mount. See the pic below to see what these camera mounts look like.

The Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera is sure to have a lot of consumers interested in it’s small and durable package and low price tag of about $100 U.S. and add one of it’s cool usable different mounts and you will be able to get some great shots or footage that most other cameras won’t be capable of capturing. If you are looking for a small inexpensive and fun digital action camera you might want to check out the new Polaroid Cube and see what kind of cool pics and videos you can make while having fun doing it. Just be sure to share all your cool pics and videos with all us fellow eGeeks!



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