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Chrome Showers

Yes, that’s right. Chrome showers! Google Chrome showers that is. It’s raining laptops or so it might seem. This spring Google has been having delivery trucks dropping off loads of Google Chrome OS (Operating System) based laptops to Oakland, CA city public schools. A total of about 10,000 Chrome based laptops have been dropped off so far.

It appears that Google is wanting today’s children to get an education by way of Google Docs instead of using Microsoft Word. Google has been trying to change the way many software applications are operated by having applications run through their top browser, Google Chrome. These internet based applications make for a much leaner and less expensive laptop since you no longer need hard drive space to store your applications.


Google has been chipping away at the other major operating system producers since the Google Chrome based laptops the “Chromebook” were introduced and it appears they are now going to try to get in with many children by way of providing their schools with Google Chrome based laptops.

The Google Chrome browser is now the most used web browser on the planet with more than double the amount of users as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The Google Android OS (Operating System) is now number one on the planet for smartphones and tablets. Now Google has it’s sight’s set on the laptop OS (Operating System) market.


Time will tell if Google can one day dominate with their Chrome OS and their Chromebook laptops. People have said in the past that Google wouldn’t succeed in their other dominant markets but they proved many people wrong before and hope to do that again. With the success Google has had in other markets they entered maybe they should try to get into the fast food market as well. Would anyone care for a “Chromeburger”?



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